Germanys most successful action-comedy-duo. Book them now for your event!

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„The boys are conquering the world!“

Berliner Kurier

„As artists, they are internationally awarded and highly successful. They have performed on Chinese television in front of 25 million viewers.“

Berliner Morgenpost


25.05.24 Münster

Gala Event

06.06.24 Stuttgart

07.06.24 Bonn


20.-30.06.24 Mittelmeer Mein Schiff

19.08.24 Dortmund

20.08.24 Köln

24.08.24 Waldsolms

05.-08.09.24 Bochum

12.-15.09.24 Bochum

19.-22.09.24 Bochum

25.09.24 Bonn

26.-29.09.24 Bochum

02.10.24 Herborn


03.-06.10.24 Bochum

07.10.24 Düsseldorf

Gala Event

09.10.24 Aachen

10.-13.10.24 Bochum

17.-20.10.24 Bochum

24.-27.10.24 Bochum

28.10.24 Datteln

Gala Event

31.10.-03.11.24 Bochum

05.12.-31.12.24 Duisburg

01.-05.01.25 Duisburg

18.01.25 Rosendahl-Holtwick

Gala Event

22.01.25 Hagen

Gala Event

22.02.25 Heinsberg

Gala Event

14.03.-11.04.25 Karibik (Mein Schiff)

„It was a great evening!“

Luzerner Zeitung

The Diabolo boys were world-class. One has often seen diabolo acts in variety shows or circuses, but certainly never like this before.“

Eckart von Hirschhausen (german TV Host)


Millions of video clicks, TV appearances, international shows—Benno and Max thrill thousands of fans both online and offline. As world champions in diabolo and stand-up comedians, they are among the most successful in their genre.

Benno & Max, as hosts, comedians, and performers, bring as much energy to the stage as an entire ensemble. The unforgettable all-in-one package for any event.

„The spark really flies with the dashing young Berliners from Twin Spin: Their incredibly precise and imaginative work (with up to four diabolos) was met with enthusiastic applause.“

Schwäbische Zeitung (Gränzbote)

„It is hard to imagine a more perfect synergy than with Germany’s only diabolo duo.“

Neues Deutschland


The most spectacular tricks
Stunts and most viral hits

The most spectacular tricks, stunts, and viral hits—up to 90 minutes of action-comedy with Benno & Max! In ‚Challenge Accepted,‘ the two multi-talented and diabolo world champions showcase their most spectacular tricks, stunts, and viral hits on stage. The show combines action, comedy, and artistry into a unique live performance! They have been nationally and internationally recognized for their acts, but they have never been experienced like this! Also suitable for festivals, dinner shows, etc., and can be combined with workshops & individual requests!

The individual all-in-one package for every event.

The individual all-in-one package for every event. From 5-90 minutes as desired with a mix of comedy, artistry, and hosting.

An unforgettable show with uncomplicated setup. We ensure our hosting and show acts are tailored to your company!

The unique show highlight for every event!

With this unique diabolo act, Benno & Max became world champions. The show highlight at every event! Known from ZDF Fernsehgarten and Tigerentenclub (two big tv productions in Germany).

The audience has never seen this before!

Everyone knows bouncy balls from their childhood. But what the two conjure up on stage with up to 7 bouncy balls simultaneously has never been seen by the audience before!

Known from Circus FlicFlac and Circus Roncalli.

Two guys, three knives, one challenge.

Throwing knives, stripping off clothes, swapping costumes, and dressing up again. Sounds impossible? It has to be seen with one’s own eyes.

„Max Fröhlich and Benno Jacob captivate the audience with their diabolo performance at Flic Flac.“


„With a pressure of ten bars, the LED-equipped diabolos shoot out of the throwing machine they constructed themselves, six of which they simultaneously keep in the air with a stick and string.“


„The hottest number of the evening was delivered by the two young artists from Berlin, who present the most thrilling diabolo artistry imaginable with a cheeky smile. At an insane pace, they sweep their diabolos across the hall—and just when you think their performance has peaked, they simply go one step further. In the end, the audience is left enraptured.“

Esslinger Zeitung 

..The stars of the evening come right at the start. The two artists amaze with their sophisticated diabolo juggling, stunning with their boisterous and sensational skill.“

Berliner Morgenpost